Day Spa – Body Treatments at Home

Getting the supplies, setting the scene, and treating the body. Make a personal appointment, shop for the products needed, gather the necessary items, and get to work on a great looking body free of bumps, discolorations and/or other imperfections.

Get the Supplies:

While some of the supplies are common everyday items at home, some might have to be purchased. Review the following list and plan accordingly.

  • Body Scrub, for recipes read Body Treatments for Great Looking Skin or purchasefresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, Amber Products Spa Touch Green Tea Mint Salt Glow, or Bath and Body Works Need a Margarita Citrus Body Scrub.
  • Body Wrap, for recipes read Body Treatments for Great Looking Skin or purchase Sea Spa Black Mud Body Wrap, Spa Touch Seaweed Body Masque, or The Chocolate Body Wrap.
  • Body Cream, any rich emollient body lotion will do or try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, Nivea Skin Cream, or The Body Shop Shea Butter.
  • Towels, at least four bath towels warm and damp or a large roll of plastic wrap.
  • Shower brush with long handle
  • Bath pillow
  • Shower cap or headband
  • Eye Mask or eye treatment
  • Comfy robe, cotton pajamas or loungewear and socks
  • Water to drink

Setting the Scene

A day spa should be a clean and neat place to perform the body treatment and relax. Make sure the bathroom is uncluttered and that all needed supplies are neatly arranged and easy to reach. Arrange floor mats to avoid a slippery floor. Pull hair back and cover with the shower cap or hair band.

Body Treatment

Start with a freshly showered body, free of creams, sweat, and the day’s grime.

  • Exfoliate. On slightly damp skin, massage body scrub as directed, in a circular motion all over concentrating on the problem areas such as elbows, knees, entire legs, buttocks, and the neck area. For the back, apply some product on the long handle brush. The goal is to remove dry, flaky dead skin. Rinse scrub with warm water and pat dry slightly.
  • Wrap. Lay one of the towels on the tub and sit. Apply body wrap product all over body, from neck down to toes. The back can be done with the long brush. Wrap body in plastic wrap or cover with damp towels. Place eye mask or treatment on eyes and relax for a minimum of 15 and maximum or thirty minutes. Rest head on pillow. Make sure, before beginning the wrap to place all supplies near the tub, including the water as bring about thirst.
  • Upon reaching the desired treatment time, carefully remove the plastic wrap or towels and rinse mask off. Do not use soap; just rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Pat dry, skin should be slightly damp.
  • Massage. Although skin will be soft and moisturized, it’s very important to seal in moisture. This can be achieved by softly massaging body cream concentrating in difficult areas like the thighs, or in need of relaxation like the feet.
  • Immediately upon finishing the massage, pull on cotton garments and socks. Drink plenty of water and enjoy a relaxing time.

After the treatment, skin will have a rosy glow and look toned, lumps and bumps almost, if not completely, gone. Routine treatments will achieve long lasting results.

Amy Schumer’s Tattoo May Not be a Bold Choice But Her Entire Personality is

Amy Schumer is an inspiration to women who are embarrassed of themselves for their size and shape. She has advocated for women to stay true to who they are. She may not be that bold when it comes to her fashion choices or in tattooing her body, and she remains confident despite her flaws. She was seen having fun in a bikini. She is not afraid to make fun of herself and other people. Amy Schumer’s tattoo on the lower back may be the only prominent tattoo that she has, but she was able to make a million-dollar book deal out of it.

Amy has a lower back tattoo in real life. She has also decided to make a book out of it. She reveals much of herself in the book.

Amy shows off her lower back tattoo in this bikini while on vacation. Despite being mocked for her body, she couldn’t care less.

Amy is a comedian who has never been afraid to mock other people, including herself, for imperfections. She even advocates for people to accept their flaws.

After the success of her first film, Trainwreck, it has been one success after another for Amy. The multi-million dollar book deal was just the beginning.

She doesn’t have any other visible tattoo in her body except for the one in her lower back, which she has always been proud to flaunt.

Amy has also won an Emmy for her work in her hit show, Inside Amy Schumer. She has proven that her comedic skills are a force to be reckoned with.

People usually make fun of Amy and her body. Before even other people get to that point, she has already started making fun of herself.

Amu Schumer’s book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, is not just a reflection of her life, but also her thoughts about feminism and women empowerment.

Amy also landed on the pages of GQ magazine. She was one the biggest breakout stars after the success of Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer.

Amy might have bold choices when it comes to her words and comedic material, but in terms of tattooing her body, she has not done much.

Ree Drummond’s Wedding was Held a Long Time Ago, but It Feels Like Yesterday

Ree Drummond has been married to Ladd Drummond for over 20 years now. She recalled their love story in a book. She detailed how a city girl like her made a cowboy fall in love for her. They share profound love for each other that has gone through the test of time. Until now, they look really in love with each other.

Ree has been married to Ladd Drummond since 1996. Their relationship has remained strong through the years.

Ree said that she was a city girl who fell in love with a cowboy, and their love for each other is like no other.

It has been years since Ree and Ladd got married, but according to her, it always feels like it was just yesterday.

Ree, who is also known as The Pioneer Woman, wrote a book recalling how he met her husband, and how they fell in love with each other.

Their kids are now all grown up and they still remain tight as a family. Ree has always been proud of how much they have treasured family values.

Ree has proven that indeed, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Her recipes not only made her husband fall for her, but the entire world too.

With her recipes and ability to connect with a lot of people, Ree has succeeded as a hot cook, author, and an award-winning blogger.

She currently has quite a few shows on-air, but she still remained committed to her family, and is still a dedicated wife to her long time husband.

In her book, Ree gave quite a lot of details about how she met her husband, their engagement and their life together as a couple.

The couple seems to be really happy with each other. There is no wonder why their relationship has lasted for a very long time.

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Scott Harper for Congress

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